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mtcposWorkshop POS

MTC Point Of Sale enables customers who are coming in the workshop can be assisted using this POS system specially customized for a workshop. The POS helps to jot down the car specifications, input new customer data into the database or fetch old data, prepare bill as per the car servicing is done, print bill or stickers for the car and manage the work process.

Special Features of MTC Workshop POS

Log customer information

Use Workshop Ipad POS to log customer info for whom you will be doing the billing. Enter client’s code or phone number to auto-populate old client’s details. Otherwise enter all the information manually

Generate car report

The reports of Purchase order, Supplier Invoice, Purchase Price History can also be determined from this section. Generate report for day to day and time to time also depending on employee, product or customer

Signature and Inspection sheet

Use workshop POS Ipad to log customer info. If you choose the member code or the phone number of an old customers, all the saved information of the customer will be auto-populated

Print Sticker

MTC Workshop POS allows you to print stickers for your client’s car. It logs the KM traveled so far, oil grade and status, future KM, after which next servicing date will be booked

Workshop inventory management

In workshop inventory management system, you can manage car details, model, brand name, description, engine model and the services you offer in your workshop. Record these in your system for future use

Customer car management

In workshop POS system you can enter the details of the Customer’s Car who have come to your workshop. Enter customer name, Car brand, specification, model, engine and car plate number using the IPad POS

Car Health Report

Inspecting the details of your client’s vehicle, MTC Workshop POS helps you to generate car health report based on car oils and other car health status

With MyTeamconnector POS , we can keep keep track of all of our inventory, at all of our locations at a click of a button,  using any device we like. We have moved all our thousands of products to auto-generate orders, reducing hours of manager time each week. I love their Cloud based online and offline selling system. Love it as it runs seamlessly in my IPad and shop traditional POS too.



Manage your Workshop with MTC POS

The MTC POS software system will help to get control over all the process of servicing done in your workshop. The customers coming in the workshop can be assisted using this POS system specially customized for a workshop.

 Easy, reliable and secure payment processing on a physical terminal that sits on your desk or countertop.

Accept debit, credit, gift and loyalty cards for your store, office or restaurant.

Other features of MTC Workshop POS

 Multi Store enabled: Manage Multiple workshop outlet from one Point of Sale. Track your sale, manage your inventory stock, monitor your staff performance and grow your business proactively.

 Cloud Based Centralized ADMIN: Manage your car servicing business from anywhere at anytime. Allocate your inventories, track your sales, get report instantly.

Customer Management: Every time a customer swipes their credit card, an individual customer profile is automatically created and stored in your MTC Workshop POS account. Use your customer profiles to create marketing or loyalty mailing lists – perfect for sending discount codes or promotions.

 Tailor Made solution: We can customize the workshop POS based on the client’s business needs. We will even send one of our experts to our client’s location to evaluate their current business processes and suggest changes to utilize their resources for maximum efficiency.

Employee Management: Track and manage all your workshop employees information in one place. Assign roles and permissions, view real-time data per employee, measure individual performance and easily determine their payroll with the new Employee Reports.

Offline Data Saving: Just because Wi-Fi can be spotty doesn’t mean your service has to be. Our automatic offline mode makes sure that whether offline or online, your workshop keeps right on moving.

 Instant Reports: Create your own customized report as per your requirement. Add different types of filters to know your business status more better than anyone.

 Print and Email Receipts: Build your brand by customizing receipts with your logo, content and footer. With E-receipts, cut down on clutter, keep orders moving quickly, and give customers the ability to easily track purchases.

 Accept Gift Cards: If you offer pre-printed or digital gift cards, swipe, scan, or type the gift card serial number will help users to redeem the points.

Inventory & Purchase Management

 Inventory Stock Management: MTC POS makes the hassle of inventory control so much easier with the integration of Inventory System, the product management process will be stress free. We use the FIFO method to evaluate your stock. We track every step and record everything Sales and Purchase to make managing your business easier.

 Integrated with 3rd Party Accounting: MTC POS can integrate with Quickbooks and XERO, the leading accounting software packages. The integration will help you make smart business decisions by tracking Sales, Purchases, Shipping & Postage, Tax and Payments. This feature will automate your accounting, saving you time and money on bookkeeping.


 Native Apps Available: Point of sale software for Every Business
Start using today with any of your Android/ Ipad or Windows Machine.
MTC POS Android and Ipad tablets accept credit cards, gift cards, cash, PayPal, and mobile payments.


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