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MTC Point Of Sale allows your restaurant to make more money, quicker, while every table is turned over quickly and efficiently. This is always a better way to keep your operation running smoothly.  It is an all-in-one package that is cost-efficient, time-saving and reliable.

Special Features of MTC Restaurant POS

Points earning and redeem

In POINTS & REWARDS section of Retail POS, customers can get options like: Gift Card, Redeem Offer and promotional offer. Using these payment options, buyers can pay their bill

Stock Transfer

Stock Reconciliation helps the system to match with actual physical stock and update the stock at the system through Physical Stock. Choose the warehouse and then the specific product to reconcile the stock

Delivery Boy Allotment

MTC Restaurant POS allows to add delivery boy and his details. Search from the list of the delivery person and add a specific delivery person by entering code, name and active status of him and allot him the work

Receipe Management

Manage your food serving size, map your ingredients with specific recipe, make list of all the mappings, make a full and detailed recipe list of your restaurant and keep a list of the recipe easily with MTC Restaurant POS

POS system settings control

With help of the settings section you can manage, employee creation, employee allocation, label printing, customer, payment gateway settings, company settings, system settings, employee PIN, and allotting delivery boy

Even with some less-than-obvious fees, MTC POS is very reasonable as far as full-scale POS systems go. MTC POS supports such a wide range of functions, that just about any type of business can tailor it to their needs. Everything from basic inventory to customer marketing to employee management to financial analysis is represented in a fairly solid way.



Remain Hassle free all the day

MTC POS helps you to remain composed so that you can manage your restaurant efficiently while you can juggle with Delivery Management, Easy Ordering and Payment processing

Use an iPad point of sale as a complete payment system for your retail or food service business.

 Use it as a mobile register for cash, check, and credit card payments anywhere, or on your counter with a cash drawer and receipt printer.

Other features of MTC Restaurant POS

 Multi Store enabled: Manage your multiple restaurant outlets from one Point of Sale. Track your sale, manage your stock, monitor your staff performance and grow your business proactively.

 Cloud Based Centralized ADMIN: Manage your business from anywhere at anytime. Allocate your stock, track your sales, get report instantly for your various restaurant outlets.

Customer Management: Every time a customer swipes their credit card, an individual customer profile is automatically created and stored in your MTC POS account. Use your customer profiles to create marketing or loyalty mailing lists – perfect for sending discount codes or promotions.

 Tailor Made solution: We can customize the Restaurant POS based on the client’s business needs. We will even send one of our experts to our client’s location to evaluate their current business processes and suggest changes to utilize their resources for maximum efficiency.

Employee Management: Track and manage all your restaurant employees’ information in one place. Assign roles and permissions, view real-time data per employee, measure individual performance and easily determine their payroll with the new Employee Reports.

Offline Data Saving: Just because Wi-Fi can be spotty doesn’t mean your service has to be. Our automatic offline mode makes sure that whether offline or online, your restaurant outlet keeps right on moving.

 Instant Reports: Create your own customized report for restaurant, as per your requirement. Add different types of filters to know your business status more better than anyone.

 Print and Email Receipts: Build your brand by customizing receipts with your logo, content and footer. With E-receipts, cut down on clutter, keep orders moving quickly, and give customers the ability to easily track purchases.

 Accept Gift Cards: If you offer pre-printed or digital gift cards, swipe, scan, or type the gift card serial number will help users to redeem the points.

Inventory & Purchase Management

 Inventory Stock Management: MTC Restaurant POS makes the hassle of inventory control so much easier with the integration of Inventory System, the product management process will be stress free. We use the FIFO method to evaluate your stock. We track every step and record everything Sales and Purchase to make managing your business easier.

 Integrated with 3rd Party Accounting: MTC POS can integrate with Quickbooks and XERO, the leading accounting software packages. The integration will help you make smart business decisions by tracking Sales, Purchases, Shipping & Postage, Tax and Payments. This feature will automate your accounting, saving you time and money on bookkeeping.


 Native Apps Available: Point of sale software for every business start using today with any of your Android/ Ipad or Windows Machine. MTC POS Android and Ipad tablets accept credit cards, gift cards, cash, PayPal, and mobile payments.


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